Quaker History…
 A Look Forward

Explore the rich history of the Quaker Church. Use these lessons to teach and inspire your congregation.

The Lessons

There are 3 elements to each chapter:
a slide presentation, a corporate experience, and a handout.

ONE:  The Quaker Place in History

Overview of Quaker heritage; where the name comes from and a timeline of where Quakers fit in history.  Experience a silent meeting.

TWO:  Quaker Aristocrats

Take a look at some famous Quakers throughout history. Experience chocolate.

THREE:  Direct Access

The traditional Friends view of authority and how it was applied in the case of women in ministry. Experience Quaker Queries.

FOUR:  “I Did What the Good Book Said.”

The Friends involvement in abolition as well as a few of their other relief efforts. Experience is the impact of the spoken and heard word.

FIVE:  Quakers Like the Old Testament

The Friends view of sacraments.  Experience a traditional Friends business meeting.

About us

We’re a group of committed friends who are interested in Quaker history, and more interested in seeing how the grace of God can impact lives.